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Free shipping in NZ for orders over $99.
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Surface Pattern Design Services

Beautiful illustrations, unique and designed specifically for whatever creative endeavor you have in mind. Our talented in house artist and surface pattern designer can help you bring the ideas and images you have hopping through your head to life. 

Are you a fashion designer needing one of a kind fabrics for your ethically produced clothing line? Maybe you're decorating your home and need outstanding patterns designed for truly bespoke curtains or furniture upholstery. Our experience and digital expertise can make those dreams a reality. We can design with you from scratch or your art can be made to seamlessly repeat and then ready to print.

We are often drawn to strange and unusual things, so if you are too, get in touch! Together we can transform your plans for roman blinds into an outrageous piece of art for display in your living room. We'll try to limit the enthusiastic arm-flapping along the way...

Sourcing Ethical Fabrics

It's also possible that we may be able to source other sustainable, organic and ethically produced fabrics for you.

If you're interested in our design services or other kinds of fabric that aren't available in our online shop, please get in touch with us at