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More About Us

With the recent rise in awareness around issues of systemic racism. Please know that we are against racism of any sort.

As a business, we do not exist to make profit at the expense of others, off the backs of peoples suffering. We are always learning how to do this better and are actively thinking about how we can contribute to give back and support those who need it.

In our personal lives we strive on the daily to examine ourselves for unconscious biases. Practicing this over the years, we have recognized more and more the difficult work that is unlearning bad habits of thinking and subsequently behaving. Deeper examination unearths difficult truths of internal prejudices. While complacency is it's own battle.

Our team here consists of just the two of us, wife and husband. Within our family we actively have discussions about racism with our children. As a first generation Kiwi of Cambodian refugee parents, this was always going be the case. 

We have ability to change ourselves so this is what we work at doing. We have choice in how we guide and direct our children, so we educate them and strive to set the best example. When we make mistakes, we endeavour to normalize recieving correction with a right attitude, because so often it is not.

If you are making more considered choices into the kind of businesses you support, I hope this helps to paint a little picture of us.

Should you choose to support our little venture, know that in turn we also carefully consider what businesses we support.

As time allows beyond our day jobs, we hope to get the blog active that you might come and join us there should you like to get to know us a bit more :)