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Free shipping in NZ for orders over $99.
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About Windblown Textiles

Windblown Textiles was conceived out of a passion for textile art combined with a frustration at the limited options available to anyone wanting a sustainable, organic and ethically made product. 

We are a New Zealand based business, operating out of the world's coolest little capital, Wellington. We have a common drive to contribute to change in the textile industry for the sake of the earth and the people that live on it.

Our goal is to provide fair trade products that have been produced sustainably, organically and ethically, while also sharing beautiful design and art through our textiles.

We hope you find colours and patterns here that sing out to you and find longstanding places in your lives, sparking joy and inspiring creativity. 

Windblown Textiles is committed to doing our part to support much needed change in the textile industry. In addition we hope to raise more awareness about the need for sustainable slow fashion practices. 

The creation of textiles, from soil and seeds to mills and dyes, should not be a process that hurts the earth or the people involved in it's production, at any point along the way.